What Happens After Dental Implant Done

dental implants menifee

Natural teeth are designed to be firmly secured to the jawbone. There should not be any slipping or sliding or pinching. But owing to the practice of poor oral or dental hygiene and the advanced degeneration of the oral structures owing to the natural proclivities of aging and the genetic disposition, natural teeth fall out of place, coming loose at the seams if you will. Worse could still follow.

If they do not fall out of own accord, the dentist may be compelled to remove them in the interest of the patient’s health and wellbeing. But the good news is that dental implants menifee applications may follow. And once that is done, there will be no more slipping and sliding and pinching. That much has been guaranteed. Of course, in terms of discipline and the regular practice of oral hygiene, the new installations’ success could still be dependent on the patient.

In keeping to discipline and regular practice, the patient is expected to reciprocate in like manner to the dentist’s request for further follow ups. Yes, that means more visits to the dentist, over and above the usual annual dental exam. The dentist does need to reassure both himself and his patient that those things that have fallen into place remain in place. Interestingly, the dental implant is hardly noticed.

It is just so small. But as a permanent fixture of the patient’s dental structure, it is comfortable, stable and strong. Also, it is as natural looking as the tooth or teeth that it replaced. Perhaps even better, this on the assumption that the poor teeth that had to come out was, in its advanced state of decay, in a shocking state. This, a broad smile, and a few others besides, is what happens after the dental implant is made.