Top Recovery Tips From Addicts Who Have Gotten Help

Getting help for your addiction is not going to be easy.  In fact, admitting that you have a problem and want help will be hard enough.  For those that are looking for substance abuse treatment programs gulfport to go to but are not sure of the process, here are some tips and pieces of advice other addicted people have given after they have gone through the programs.


When going to rehab take a week’s worth of clothing.  You want to go with the attitude that you will learn about your issues and really put in the effort to get better.  Taking more clothing and your mindset will be that you are never going to leave.  Take less clothing and your mindset will be more towards just showing up and not taking advantage of the opportunity.

Take Pen and Paper and plan on using them

When entering into rehab you want to take a lot of notes, draw pictures, write stories and just journal while you are there.  As you write and draw you will soon discover that you are letting your emotions and your thoughts run free.  As you journal you will also have something to reflect back on when you need it.

Take makeup and grooming kits

Taking a grooming kit for men and makeup for women will help you as you begin to feel better.  Once your body has begun to detox and feel normal you will want to take a shower, clean up and actually start feeling like a human again. 

Bring comfortable walking shoes

When in rehab you will find yourself up with nothing to do.  Walking the halls, the grounds and just walking in general will be a primary activity you will experience.  Make sure that you have comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk, and walk, and walk. 

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Taking these few tips with you when going into rehab will make your experience more valuable and shall we say enjoyable.  When we have a little bit of our true selves with us we have a place to go to in rehab.