Signs of Mental Illness in Children

Mental illness is a commonly spoken about topic when it comes to adults but not so much when it comes to children. Mental illness shows differently in children than it does in adults, which makes it hard for parents to recognize these issues and seek help.

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In order to prevent further issues and learn to cope with the emotions, thoughts, and feelings your child is going through, psychiatric medication management savannah professionals provide may be recommended. If you’re wondering whether or not your child needs professional help, let’s take a look at some warning signs of mental illness.

Changes in Mood & Behavior

Your child will go through many changes throughout their life, but extreme changes in behavior and mood should be watched for. Children that are suffering from mental illness may withdraw from family members and friends. They may stop showing interest in activities they once loved and have severe mood swings or behavior that is out of control.

Problems Concentrating

Many children move around a lot and have excess energy, but this doesn’t mean that they are suffering from mental health conditions. However, one of the signs that you should look out for is trouble sitting still or concentrating on tasks. While this can be indicative of other conditions, such as ADHD, it can also be a warning sign of further issues.

Causing Physical Harm

In some cases, mental health problems can lead to self harm, which is the act of harming one’s own body, in children. This act can cause severe harm to the child, leading to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Self harm can be done by hitting themselves, burning themselves, or cutting. Suicidal thoughts or behaviors may develop as well.

By taking note of these signs and keeping an eye on your child, you can get help before their condition worsens.